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CEASA ASESORES FISCALES, S.L. és una companyia fundada el 1983. Oferim serveis d’assessoria fiscal i laboral i altres serveis relacionats amb aquests àmbits. Col·laborem estretament amb altres professionals de reforç extern que ens permeten ampliar els nostres serveis. Aquesta col·laboració ens permet oferir un servei d’assessorament integral i global, abastant la tramitació de gestions en camps molt diversos.

 Coneix els nostres serveis al Àrea Fiscal

 Coneix els nostres serveis al Àrea Laboral

Tax Area

Our team has a long experience in finding the best solutions for the needs of our clients in tax advice field.

Our services in this area include:

  • Ongoing counselling to our customers in their tax obligations.
  • Advisory services, financial management and internal tax of the company.
  • Tax and inspection procedures in front of the Tax Agency.
  • Addressing the needs of our customers vs the Tax Agency and representation in case of inspection.
  • Preparation of appeals before the Tax Agency and judicial review. Prior study.
  • Preparation of claims to the tax office and judicial review. Prior study.
  • Study and development of value added tax (VAT) and corporation tax.
  • Study and development of special taxes (models 583, 587 …).
  • Study and preparation of Income Tax and Wealth Tax.
  • Preparation and presentation of census statements, intra-EU (model 349), transactions with third parties (model 347).
  • Study and preparation of statements of assets abroad (model 720).
Ceasa Asesores Fiscales y Laborales Barcelona
Ceasa - Asesoría Laboral

Laboral Management

In the Laboral Management, these are the services we offer our clients:

  • Production of salary receipts.
  • Liquidations in Social Security (TC1 and TC2).
  • Letters income tax payment. Monthly and quarterly.
  • Annual summary of income tax.
  • Processing high, low and variations of workers to Social Security.
  • Low disease processing (IT) and industrial accidents.
  • Drafting and preparation of employment contracts.
  • Senior management contracts.
  • Statements yields.
  • Noncompeting clauses, shielding senior managers.
  • Processing of subsidies and bonuses.
  • Pensions and Social Security and other public bodies.
  • Special regimes procedures.
  • Work permits and residence, nationalities, invitation letters…
  • Labour audits.
  • Individual and collective dismissals.
  • Representation reconciliations to the CMAC and before the social courts.
  • Representation before Labour Inspectorate.
  • Records Extinctive regulation or temporary employment.
  • Proceedings before the social and administrative courts.

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